Useful Links

Jewish Genealogy Websites: specifically geared to researching Jewish ancestors

  • (free) Major Jewish heritage worldwide. Many resources including family finder (JGFF), family trees (FTJP), Town Finder, Holocaust Database, Burial Registry (JOWBR), Databases by Country, Yizkor Books, Kehila Links, Family Pages, View Mate (voluntary translations), special interest groups and more.
  • (free) The Miriam Weiner Roots To Roots Foundation. Information about records in Eastern Europe
  • (free) The is an indexed database  of historical directories (business, address, telephone from Central and Eastern Europe), military lists (from the Russian Empire and Poland, Yizker Books, school and community records (from Poland)
  • YIVO Institute for Jewish Research: A world-renowned library and archive of Jewish history and culture. Home of the largest collection of Holocaust primary documentation in North America.
  • (free) The world holocaust remembrance center. Researching those who perished in the holocaust along with a vast amount of information on the Shoah including rescue stories, photo and information of people who helped Jews (Righteous Among the Nations).

Complete Genealogy Websites: on line family trees, searches and data bases

  • ($) massive data bases, many educational resources, excellent for beginners, mobile apps available.
  • ($) massive data bases, many educational resources, excellent for beginners, restricted to researching deceased people.
  • ($) complete site geared toward sharing family tree information.
  • (free) World Family tree. Create your own tree and connect to world tree. All information is shared. Owned by MyHeritage.

Other useful genealogy sites

  • (free) One-step webpages useful for searching immigrants from Ellis Island and other US Ports, vital records and more
  • (free) massive, comprehensive, worldwide, categorized & cross-referenced list of links that point you to genealogical research websites online. More than 300,000 links in more than 200 categories.

USA Specific Subject Databases

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